July 2019
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July 2019

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Azure Serverless Monthly

Your Serverless digest!

Azure Serverless Monthly is a quick read version that includes all the latest Microsoft Azure Serverless Updates like blog articles, podcasts and videos from Microsoft Azure and the rich ecosystem built around this community.

It is aimed at Developer, Architect working in your Enterprise Application Integration projects involving Azure Serverless components trying to keep on top of the latest Azure serverless developments.

Microsoft Announcement and updates

Microsoft Azure team publishes various blogs, updates and product announcements. Here we compile all the serverless related content from Azure.Microsoft.com to help make it easier for you to view the articles you are interested in reading.

Symantec’s zero-downtime migration to Azure Cosmos DB

By Nikisha Reyes-Grange | on 3 June, 2019

Know how the consumer business unit at Symantec faced the challenge when deciding to shift from their costly and complex self-managed database infrastructure, to a geographically dispersed and low latency managed database solution on Azure and achieved zero-downtime migration. [Read more…]

Azure Stack IaaS – part nine

By David Armour | on 3 June, 2019

This post covers the different ways you can tap into the Azure ecosystem to get the most value out of IaaS. [Read more…]

Announcing self-serve experience for Azure Event Hubs Clusters

By Rui Xu | on 4 June, 2019

Azure Event Hubs clusters can now be easily created through the Azure portal or through the Azure Resource Manager as a self-serve experience (preview) and is instantly available with no further setup. [Read more…]

How to optimize your Azure environment

By Kaitlyn Corazao | on 6 June, 2019

Without the right tools and approach, cloud optimization can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Azure offers many ways to help ensure that you’re running your workloads optimally and getting the most out of your investment. [Read more…]

Simplify B2B communications and free your IT staff

By David Houlding | on 13 June, 2019

This blog briefs on how the Azure platform offers a wealth of services for partners to enhance, extend, and build industry solutions. It also describes how one Microsoft partner uses Azure to solve a unique problem. [Read more…]

Azure Stack IaaS – part ten

By David Armour | on 17 June, 2019

This post covers on how you can modernize your application with web apps, serverless functions, blob storage, and Kubernetes as part of your Journey to PaaS. [Read more…]

First Microsoft cloud regions in Middle East now available

By Tom Keane | on 18 June, 2019

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 are taking a major step together to help support the digital transformation of our customers. Both Azure and Office 365 are now generally available from our first cloud datacenter regions in the Middle East, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). [Read more…]

Virtual machine scale set insights from Azure Monitor

By Scott Kinghorn | on 19 June, 2019

Azure announced the public preview of monitoring your Windows and Linux VM scale sets from within the scale set resource blade. This update includes several enhancements. [Read more…]

New to Azure? Follow these easy steps to get started

By Ayesha Ghaffar | on 20 June, 2019

At Microsoft Build 2019, the general availability of Azure Quickstart Center was announced. Azure Quickstart Center brings together the step-by-step guidance you need to easily create cloud workloads. The power to easily set up, configure, and manage cloud workloads while being guided by best practices is now built right into the Azure portal. [Read more…]

Azure Cosmos DB: A competitive advantage for healthcare ISVs

By Tim Sander | on 24 June, 2019

Healthcare organizations that offer a mission-critical, global-scale solution should consider Azure Cosmos DB a critical component of their solution stack. For example, An ISV developing a non-drug treatment for patients through a medical device at a facility can develop web or mobile applications which store the treatment information and medical device metadata in Azure Cosmos DB. [Read more…]

Announcing the general availability of Azure premium files

By Tad Brockway | on 26 June, 2019

Premium files offers a higher level of performance built on solid-state drives (SSD) for fully managed file services in Azure. It is optimized to deliver consistent performance for IO-intensive workloads that require high-throughput and low latency. [Read more…]

Community Content

Here's a collection of some of the most note worthy blog articles posted by community enthusiast over the last month.

  1. Update your Microsoft Teams notifications via an Azure Function by Jan de Vries
  2. Azure Logic Apps use case- Black Friday by Nadeem Ahamed Riswanbasha
  3. Integrate 2019- Day 1 by Serverless360 team
  4. Integrate 2019- Day 2 by Serverless360 team
  5. Integrate 2019- Day 3 by Serverless360 team
  6. Do you know Azure Functions have Function-Filters by Saillesh Pawar
  7. Manage and Monitor Azure Service Bus using Serverless360 by Nishanth Prabhakaran
  8. Getting started, a roadmap and mastery of Microsoft Flow by John Liu
  9. Announcing dotnet library for Serverless360 BAM by Umamaheshwaran
  10. Publishing and subscribing to Azure blockchain services events using Azure Logic Apps by Kent Weare
  11. How to schedule Cosmos DB data processing with Azure Functions by Jason Roberts
  12. Accessing Cosmos DB JSON properties in Azure Functions with Dynamic C# by Jason Roberts
  13. Azure Logic Apps better managed and monitored using Serverless360 by Nishanth Prabhakaran
  14. Azure API management, Key vault and managed identities by David Barkol
  15. Serverless Durable Functions, how you can implement the fan-out/fan-in pattern by Chris Noring
  16. Create your first Serverless workflow with Durable Functions by Chris Noring
  17. Getting rid of time zone issues within Azure Functions by Maxime Rouiller
  18. Is it cost-efficient to run spring boot on Azure Functions? by Julien Dubois
  19. Logic Apps- RSS feeds to twitter by Thomas Thornton
  20. Azure Functions: Creating a PowerShell Function v2 using Azure CLI by Thomas Thornton
  21. Flow in Office 365 vs Logic Apps in Azure by Travis Roberts

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