July 2020
  • 08 Dec 2020
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July 2020

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Azure Serverless Monthly

Your Serverless digest!

Azure Serverless Monthly is a quick read version that includes all the latest Microsoft Azure Serverless Updates like blog articles, podcasts and videos from Microsoft Azure and the rich ecosystem built around this community.

It is aimed at Developer, Architect working in your Enterprise Application Integration projects involving Azure Serverless components trying to keep on top of the latest Azure serverless developments.

Azure Private Link support for Azure Automation is now available in preview

Posted on 9 July, 2020

You can now use Azure Private Link to securely connect virtual networks to Azure Automation using private endpoints (in preview). [Read More]

Azure Blob versioning public preview region expansion

Posted on 16 July, 2020

Azure Blob Versioning automatically maintains previous versions of an object and identifies them with version IDs. [Read More]

Azure Monitor for Containers now supports recommended alerts

Posted on 20 July, 2020

Azure Monitor for Containers now includes recommended alerts. Use this feature to enable alerts in one click on your Azure Container Service (AKS) clusters. [Read More]

Java 11 for Azure Functions is now available in preview

Posted on 21 July, 2020

Java 11 for Azure Functions is now available in preview on Consumption and Premium plans for Windows and Linux. [Read More]

Machine Learning services on Azure SQL Managed Instance is in limited preview

Posted on 21 July, 2020

Machine Learning services with support for R and Python languages now include limited preview support on Azure SQL Managed Instance. [Read More]

Community Content

Here's a collection of some of the most note worthy blog articles posted by community enthusiast over the last month.

  1. How to connect to Azure Database for MySQL using Managed Identity of Function App
    by Sudheesh_N
  2. Best practices of how to use ADF copy activity to copy new files only
    by Ye Xu
  3. Azure logic apps vs Power automate – A detailed comparison
    by Raj Thakkar
  4. Azure API Management Gateway in Azure Stack Hub
    by rctibi
  5. Best Practices in Handling the Application Insights Custom Events
    by Priya Latha
  6. Azure Web App: Connection Strings
    by Chris Pietschmann
  7. A Starter Guide to Excel with Azure Log Analytics Workspace
    by Fareed Ahamed
  8. How to Monitor Azure Web App EndPoint via Microsoft and 3rd Party Technologies
    by Manikandan
  9. Azure Functions and App Service Authentication with Auth0 and other OpenID Connect providers
    by Anthony Chu
  10. Azure Mini Fun Bytes: How to setup Azure Blob Storage
    by Jaydestro
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