Monitoring Azure Functions with Serverless360
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Monitoring Azure Functions with Serverless360

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#ServerlessTips - Azure Functions
Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers Azure MVP

In a previous tip, we advised leveraging Application Insights for Azure Functions. With Application Insights, you can have (deep) insights into the behaviour of your functions and a proficient way of troubleshooting issues. However, there is an alternative for Application Insights or addition to it – Serverless360.

With Serverless360 you can monitor a Function as part of a composite cloud-native application (for instance consisting of a Logic App, Function, and Service Bus Queue) or you observe a stand-alone Function App containing one or more functions. Moreover, using Serverless360 reduces the time of switching to the Azure Portal, or provide access for support staff instead of the portal.

Tip 16 - Monitoring functions with Serverless360 Pic 1.png

Support staff can do several operations with Serverless360:
• Start, Stop, or Restart an Azure Function App
• Delete a Function App from the Azure Portal
• View properties of a Function App
• View individual Function Properties
• Access Invocation Logs and its details
• Audit operations

Other key features are:
• Monitor Function App State
• Measure Function App Metrics
• Watch monitor for failures

Serverless360 can be useful addition next to Application Insights and other Azure Monitoring services.

To conclude when you need to monitor and support several composite applications, for instance when ingesting data from an open source API such as – Serverless360 can offer value in monitoring the composite solution as shown below, while other Azure Monitoring services target the platform, and individual components of the solution.

Tip 16 - Monitoring functions with Serverless360 Pic 2.png

Within Serverless360 you can also examine the individual components such as the Azure Function.
Tip 16 - Monitoring functions with Serverless360 Pic 3.png


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