Monitoring Azure Logic Apps using Serverless360
  • 17 May 2022
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Monitoring Azure Logic Apps using Serverless360

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#ServerlessTips - Azure Logic Apps
Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers Azure MVP

The Azure Platform offers various monitoring options for their services. When looking at Logic Apps, you can configure monitoring for them leveraging Azure Monitor, Log Analytics (OMS), and Alerts. However, as an alternative to these Azure services you can choose Serverless360.

With the third party tool Serverless360, you can manage composite cloud-native solutions at one place. The tool monitors your Azure integration services like Logic Apps, Functions, Storage, Event Hubs, Service Bus, and API endpoints.


To monitor a composite application with Severless360, you will need to create a Service Principal - an application within the Azure Active Directory. The service principal can be authorized to access resources or resource group in Azure - Serverless360 uses the authentication tokens of the service principal to manage the resources.

Once you have created a service principal in your Azure subscription, you can add it to Serverless360 (you will need the Subscription Id, Tenant Id, Client Id, Client Secret available). Next, you can use the default composite application card, and click on it and start adding (associate resources) Azure resources like Logic Apps, Service Bus queues or topics.

You can create a card and associate your Logic Apps (entities) to it. Next, you add one or more monitors to them:

Data Monitor: Configure to get notified on efficiency or reliability or consumption of the Azure entities by monitoring their extensive list of metrics.
Status Monitor: Generate report at specific times in a day representing the state of entities against the desired values.
Threshold Monitor: Monitor your entities when certain properties violate desired values for a specified period say few seconds/minutes.
Watch Monitor: Get notified in near real-time on the failure of associated Logic App or Azure Functions.

Monitors in Serverless360 can be configured to check multiple entities as a group.

Entities can be monitored at property level against desired values and alerts can be forwarded to different notification channels like Slack, Teams, Webhook etc.

Serverless360 provides efficient Azure Logic Apps Monitoring and Management capabilities. Try it for Free!

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