February 2019
  • 23 Mar 2022
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February 2019

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Azure Serverless Monthly

Your Serverless digest!

Azure Serverless Monthly is a quick read version that includes all the latest Microsoft Azure Serverless Updates like blog articles, podcasts and videos from Microsoft Azure and the rich ecosystem built around this community.

It is aimed at Developer, Architect working in your Enterprise Application Integration projects involving Azure Serverless components trying to keep on top of the latest Azure serverless developments.

Microsoft Announcement and updates

Microsoft Azure team publishes various blogs, updates and product announcements. Here we compile all the serverless related content from Azure.Microsoft.com to help make it easier for you to view the articles you are interested in reading.

To infinity and beyond: A guide to scaling 10k VMs on Azure

by Avishay Balter | on 7 January, 2019

This post covers some real time iterations carried out by Avishay Balter, where he tried to reach a limit of 10K virtual machines running on Microsoft Azure to explore the pros/cons of the different implementations. [Read More...]

Gain insight into your Azure Cosmos DB data with QlikView and Qlik Sense

by Aleksey Savateyev | on 7 January, 2019

Qlik Sense and QlikView are data visualization tools that combine the data from different sources into a single view. These products now they support Azure Cosmos DB as a first-class data source. [Read More...]

New Azure Migrate and Azure Site Recovery enhancements for cloud migration

by Sneha Agarwal | on 8 January, 2019

This blog will go over some of the new features that are added to Microsoft Azure Migrate and Azure Site Recovery to help you in your lift and shift migration journey to Azure. The Azure Migrate team continuously enhances its offerings to help in digital transformation journey to the cloud. [Read More...]

Azure Monitor logs in Grafana - now in public preview

by Noa Kuperberg | on 15 January, 2019

Azure Log Analytics team introduced the new Grafana integration with Microsoft Azure Monitor logs. This integration is achieved through the new Log Analytics plugin, now available as part of the Azure Monitor data source. [Read More...]

Handling “Service Unavailable” error easily in Azure Logic Apps

by David Burg | on 17 January, 2019

David Burg explains his experience as an on-call engineer for Azure Logic App, dealing with intermittent ServiceUnavailable errors. [Read More...]

Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs expand availability

by Ashish Chhabria | on 23 January, 2019

The Azure Messaging team announce the Availability Zones support for Azure Service Bus Premium and Azure Event Hubs Standard in regions like East US 2, West US 2, West Europe, North Europe, France Central and Southeast Asia. [Read More...]

Community Content

Here's a collection of some of the most note worthy blog articles posted by community enthusiast over the last month.

  1. Logic App Template Creator Updates January 2019 by Mattias Lögdberg
  2. Azure Durable Functions – Patterns & Best Practices by Steef-Jan Wiggers
  3. Modeling and partitioning a real-world example on Azure Cosmos DB by Thomas Weiss
  4. Building Intelligent Serverless Applications using Azure by Surya Venkatasubramanian
  5. How To Design a Serverless Async API by Garrett Vargas
  6. Deploying Azure Functions with the Azure CLI by Mark Heath
  7. Logic Apps Event Grid trigger not firing by Toon Vanhoutte
  8. Creating an Azure APIM instance in Azure Devops using Release Pipelines by Integration.Team
  9. Accessing Key Vault from Azure Functions using Managed Identities by Mark Heath
  10. Hands-on Experience with Azure Logic Apps Integration Service Environment by Kent Weare
  11. Complex transformations in Logic Apps by Toon Vanhoutte
  12. Manage your Azure VM’s using Azure Event Grid by Nadeem Ahamed
  13. Azure Integration Account XSLT – omit-xml-declaration by Mark Brimble
  14. Should I use Logic Apps or Microsoft Flow for automation by Data Radiant
  15. Deploy Web and Function Apps with Run from Package by Mark Heath
  16. Running Azure Functions on Kubernetes like on Azure in the consumption plan by Daniel Neumann
  17. Responsibilities of Webhook Publishers by Toon Vanhouttes
  18. 4 Tips for Better API Security in 2019 by Michael Endler
  19. Azure Cosmos DB + Functions Cookbook — Shared throughput and new health logs by Matías Quaranta
  20. Full-Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing by Nader Dabit
  21. PowerApps – Camera vs Add Picture and get your images to your Flow by Pieter Veenstra
  22. Logic Apps – XML Validation / Transformation by Antariksh Mistry
  23. PowerApps / Microsoft Flow – Using data in SQL Azure by Pieter Veenstra
  24. PowerApps – Experimenting with error handling by Pieter Veenstra
  25. Getting started with Custom Dockerfiles for Node.js for Serverless Function’s by Brian Mathews
  26. Top 15 Azure Serverless Blogs of 2018 by Surya Venkat
  27. Reusable Integration Test Building Blocks with F# FScenario and C# Interop by Stijn Moreels
  28. Responsibilities of webhook consumers by Toon Vanhoutte
  29. Accepting Azure Event Grid events with Azure API Management by Tom Kerkhove
  30. Azure Functions CORS – Part 1 by Antariksh Mistry
  31. Azure Logic App FTP Connector and Properties by Mark Brimble
  32. Infrastructure as code for Serverless APIs by Simona Cotin
  33. Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret? It all depends what tool you’re using by Omer Levi Hevroni

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