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Power Automate Unattended RPA Add-on Trial

Makers have been able to sign up for a Power Automate Attended license from within the Power Automate maker portal when they try to create their first Desktop flow. However, signing up for an Unattended license requires a different approach.

Published on: 12-08-2022

Upcoming Event

NDC TechTown 2022

NDC TechTown 2022 will be a 4-day event with 2-days of workshops followed by a 2-day conference.

Event Date: 29-08-2022


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Michael Stephenson

Microsoft Azure MVP

Serverless Notes is a great community initiative which started a few years ago. Initially it was Kent and Steef-Jan sharing their tips and tricks from real world projects using Serverless technologies.


Senior Cloud Application Architect

I highly recommend Serverless Notes for developers who are keen to know great tips on Azure. The tips are designed to be short and intense, so it won't take much time to read through a tip, and you're learning a lot.


Microsoft Azure MVP

All Serverless Tips are organized great, so searching through the content is easy! Also, contains lots of hands-on tips I can use in my day job. I highly recommend you bookmarking the site for your future Serverless needs.


Serverless Notes Author

Serverless Notes is the one-stop shop for accurate information related to Azure Serverless. The content is current and based on real-world experiences that authors possess as a result of working with Azure daily.

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Lead Product Consultant

ServerlessNotes is an excellent point to kick start your Azure journey! You get to find tips from Azure experts and practitioners to address day to day needs while building in Azure.

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